Brew, OpenSSL a barrier to installing Ruby 2.3 on OS X

I went to install Ruby 2.3.1 on my Macbook Air today using rvm.

rvm install ruby-2.3.1

No can do:

Error running '__rvm_make -j 1',
showing last 15 lines of /Users/scott/.rvm/log/1472071369_ruby-2.3.1/make.log

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Please move my (ancient) Rails site

“Can you move my website to a new server?”, asked a woman calling from New York City.

“Why does it need moving?”

“The developer is–well, just difficult and doesn’t want to deal with it anymore and I don’t want to deal with him.”

I’ve heard this...

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Running Rails 2.3 with Ruby 2.1.5

Since 2010 we have been adding features to and maintaining a client’s site that is built on Rails 2.3. Currently the site is using the LTS version of 2.3.18 and so is, we hope, secure. The site is hosted at RailsPlayground, with a MySQL database and...

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Step by step setup to send form data to Google Sheets

Static sites are ever so useful. Not everything needs Ruby on Rails, or Wordpress, or some other active website framework. I use Middleman to create static sites, but there are several other tools available.

If one hosts one’s static site at a server...

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How This Site Was Created

The website was not created with Rails, but with Middleman because it is a static site. This makeover with Middleman was completed in May, 2015; the previous version was created with webby, which is no longer supported.

The makeover...

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